Where To Find Fashion Inspiration.

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A couple of days ago I talked a bit about my wardrobe, and today I wanted to continue on that theme by talking about where I find fashion inspiration. If was to describe my style I would probably say that it’s a mix between dark and colorful, and also a mix between the nineties and neo-grunge. (Actually don’t belive me on that one since I’m way cooler in my head than I am in real life. But at least that the way I want to look.) I know that some people might say that I’m totally to old for that look, but I don’t really care.

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Best places to find fashion inspiration, according to me.

When it comes to finding inspiration of any kind internet really is the best. I mean we have pretty much everything we need just a google search away. But that do not mean that one always know where to look for it. I also find that inspiration most often  hits me when I’m not looking for it.  But there is still some things that can always inspire me when it comes to the way I look.

Ordinary People.
Ordinary people really is an amazing source of inspiration. People that have their own style, or just look really at home in what they are wearing. I guess that’s way I love reading blogs. So many amazing looking people sharing their personal style. And yes I do get a bit jealous and think that everyone looks so much better and more put together than me, but I have learned to shake it of because I love my looks too.

Amazing movie and filled with nineties fashion. This movie is the only reason I lately have stared craving a Little Red Dress as an alternative to all my black ones. (Oh, who am I kidding? I already have a red one too, but it has got me craving for one more.) This movie also proves that wearing a strappy dress over a tight top is a really good idea, and that Dr. Martens will always be in style.

The Craft.
This movie was one of the coolest things one could watch when I was 12. Can’t remember it being that good though. But when I’m thinking of the darker side of nineties fashion this is the one I come to think of. So even if the movie isn’t that great at least it have some looks to get inspired by.

My So-called Life.
Best TV-series ever made for sure. But it’s also a great place to find fashion inspiration if you are into the nineties look, or it would not have made this list. It’s flannel shirts, flower dresses, great looking hairdos and badly dressed parents. This series is the nineties for real.

Gossip Girl.
It just wouldn’t be fair to make a list like this without mentioning Gossip Girl. While I do love Blairs look and would love to dress that preppy, I have come to terms with the fact that I’m more of a Serena kind of girl. Byt yes, lots of inspiration for anyone.

Where To Find Fashion Inspiration

How do you find your fashion inspiration? Please let me know. I promise I won’t steal your tricks.


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