What The Power Failure Taught Me

So we had this really big power failure last night. The light was out in pretty much the whole suburb. No apartment lights, no street lights and worst of all, no internet. For a bit more that an hour. Trust me when I say that you can learn a lot about yourself in that time.

What the power failure taught me about me and Mr. A.

When all the lights go out we are the kind of people who light a lot of candles and then play Magic The Gathering for an hour, instead of making out on the couch like normal people would. I don’t know if that makes us into really boring adults or just, like nerds. But yeah, Magic really was the first thing that came to our minds when the lights had been out for ten minutes. (Okay I also thought about eating all the ice cream but Mr. A said no.)


What the power failure taught me about me.

That I’m a terrible loser. This isn’t really any news to me. I know I’m a terrible loser. But last night I really showed how terrible I am. I didn’t even lose andĀ I still got angry, jumping up and down, wanting to throw things at Mr. A as soon as he did better than me. And as soon as I won the game I started to do this dance telling Mr. A how good I am. Even if I knew that he could probably have won over me way earlier in the game.

That I’m totally addicted to social media. No internet on the computer and a phone that almost died. And I still managed to add a power-failure-selfie to Instagram. And then I spent the rest of the hour hating that I had no idea what was going on either twitter of Facebook. (Which probably wasn’t that much anyway.) I think I need to work on this, it does not sound healthy.

That I can turn any little thing that happens to me into a blog post. This fact probably say just as much about my lack of a life as it says about me as a person. But as soon as I thought that I could blog about it the whole power failureĀ didn’t feel like such a waste of time anymore. And it even made me kind of happy that it happend.

So when was the last time you learned something new about yourself?


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