What If Blogging Is Dead?

Hello everyone!
I’ve been blogging on this blog for one year now, taking it kind of seriously for about six months. Before that I had a blog in Swedish where a had planned to document my school year. But pretty much the whole year became a mess and there where so many things happening that I just couldn’t write about, so I never wrote that consistent in that one. So even if I’m still kind of new to it, there’s one thing that I’ve been reading over and over again ever since I first started blogging and that is that blogging is dead, or at least a dying art form.

What If Blogging Is Dead

In the beginning of December last year posts regarding the future of blogging started to pop up in my Pinterest feed, talking about blogging trends they thought we would see in 2016. And I read them, of course I read them even though I’ve promised myself not to. And a lot of them seemed to predict the same thing; that in 2016 being just a blogger would not be enough. Especially not if you want to make an income from it.
Instead you would have to be a infopreneur, e-book writer or a blog coach, selling what you have learned to others. While I do think there are people out there suited for these kinds of things, I know I’m not. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one feeling that being “just” a blogger is more than enough.  Nor do I think that blogging is dead or dying, neither as a hobby nor as a profession

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Blogging is dead? No, of course it not!

First of all I think that it’s kind of fun to talk about “the death of blogging” in a time when pretty much everyone blogs, every company have a blog and probably some grandma’s have one too. And the thing isthat  as long as there are people willing to blog, willing to use their time to take photos and write things on the internet, blogging will be a thing.
I understand that blogging might not be what it used to be, but change isn’t just a bad thing. I also understand that getting your blog out there might be way harder than it was ten years ago. But that don’t mean that blogging is dead, it just means that the times are changing.

Everyday someone starts a blog. To write about their passion for beauty, their love of music, as a way to change the standards of beauty, or even just to make some extra money. Every day 100.000 blog posts are being written. (Okay I made that one up, but it seem like a probable number.) Every day hundreds of bloggers gets contacted by companies, asking them to write about their products. And there are still people making a living solely out of their blogs.

So no, I don’t think that blogging is dead. Do you?


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  1. Blogging is certainly not dead and growing so much each day that how can it be dying when you have big bloggers such as InTheFrow and Sarah Ashcroft that have come so far from blogging in such a short space of time! Brilliant post by the way girl, I took the time to read every word 🙂

    Isobel x
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  2. Of course not! Having in mind that a lot of “hobby” bloggers start making real money from their post every day, I strongly believe that blogging is much more alive than ever! Even more my “blog reviewed” clients are increasing so I am thinking that blogging is getting more and more professional!

  3. I love this post! I think blogging existed long before we called it blogging. Ever since access to computers and the internet became freely available, people have been posting their content online. Maybe it was just Livejournal, maybe it was a fancy website full of custom HTML, but either way people poured their heart into the internet, found friends with common interests on websites and forums.

    In the past, I think there was the casual publisher of online content and then there were professional companies such as magazines and newspapers producing online articles. As time and technology have evolved, the typical home user now has access to a range of tools that can help them produce content of the same quality as companies. As this distinction ends, the distinction between full time and part time bloggers, and what you do other than the blog itself (e.g. YouTube, Instagram, snapchat) is becoming important.

    But if I know anything, it’s that lines can be drawn but always get blurred. Blogging as we know it right now may alter, but it will not die. Humans are practical but we’re also emotional, expressive creatures and the vast infinity of the internet is just too much for us to resist.

    Michelle -x-

    • Ida

      Thank you so much. And thanks for your comment. Will go back and read it as soon as I start to doubt in what I do./love Ida

  4. Blogging is not dead. I know a lot of top bloggers are trying to expand because ads and affiliates don’t pay as good as they used before the Great Recession came into place so everyone is trying to expand but blogging for sure isn’t dead. In fact it’s going to be even a bigger industry especially once we have a booming economy.

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