What I Thought Being a Grown Up Was Like

 I’m considering myself to be an adult. I live with people that I call my family. I’m  done with school and I used to have a job. I drink coffe, kind of. I plan my own meals and I sometimes cook them too. I take walks for the sole purpose to get some fresh air. But other than that being an adult is nothing like I expected it to be. And I’m nothing like the person I once expected myself to become either.

 As a pre-teen version of me, I thought beeing an adult meant:

Getting up early in the morning
 Yes I did think that once a person became an adult they would magically turn into a morning person. I know now that this is not the case. I mean I do know that there are people that actually enjoy getting up in the morning, but I also know that I will never turn into one of them. Or I mean I could be a morning person if I still could stay up until late, and take a two hour nap right after I had my breakfast. But otherwise no, thats not for me.

Thinking it is fun to clean
 For some reason I thougt all adults loved to clean. Or at least enjoyed it. But we don’t. We do it anyway because we have no choice. Because if we didn’t we would have a messy home and no clean clothes. Being an adult doesn’t even mean you get good at cleaning. I have been cleaning for years and it still confuses me. I still never know where to start and I still want to hide under a blanket when I know it’s cleaning time. So no the cleaning don’t get more fun, we just get it done anyway.

Not having friends
 No I didn’t think I would be this forever alone person that didn’t have any friends. I did think that no adults had friends. Or at least they didn’t spend any time with them. I mean between doing all the adult stuff that grown-ups do and work and the other adult stuff when would there be time for friends?
 I don’t need to say that I’m happy that I was wrong on that one do I? Yes friend was a good thing to have as a kid. But the friends I have now is even better. And being all grown up is hard enough like it is. I don’t think anyone should be doing it alone.

So, is being an adult all that you expected it to be?

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