Wearing: Paint It Black.

Hello everyone.
I did not want to wake up this morning. The bed was so cozy and all I wanted was to stay in it all day reading Harry Potter. And I just did not care about my plans to have some outfit photos taken, or that there actually was some decent light in our living room for once. But yeah, I did go up and I did put both my clothes and some makeup on and got the photos taken. And if you ask me I looked great, and the photos turned out kind of okay too.

black velvet skirt

So for some reason I did not manage to both keep my eyes open and look like a normal person today. By that I mean that in all the pictures where I do have my eyes open, I also look like an old witch. And trust me when I say that the internet really don’t need to see that.

Untitled design (21)

paint it black

What am I wearing then? The top is from H&M. The skirt is from Boohoo and I got it from the Asos sale, it’s the first maxi skirt I bought in a very long time and I totally love it. The crocheted west is my mom’s old one that she bought some time during the nineties.

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