Wearing: Nineties Inspired Outfit.

Hello darlings.
Things don’t seem to work well with me today, first there was no sun at all and almost raining when we went out to take some pictures of today’s nineties inspired outfit, now Canva won’t work so I can’t get done with the pictures and on top of that my computer have got itself an update this morning so Google is no longer my automatic search engine. If it wasn’t for my vanilla tea I would probably be crying right now, so world behave yourself please. (Okay if I get this post published, which will have happen if you read this, as least the Canva problem will have solved it self.)

Today’s nineties inspired outfit.

nineties inspired outfit

nineties inspired outfit Wearing: Dress old H&M // Top; Cubus // Socks; Pieces // Choker; Asos // Long Necklace; H&M // Bracelet and Backpack; Thrifted // Boots; Dr. Martens

So this outfit contains all my favorite things: overknee socks; check, dress over a top; check, a choker; check and looking like I have an attitude problem; check. But well, I love how this outfit turned out, and I’m a bit confused over the fact that this dress have been in my wardrobe for years and I haven’t worn it until today. I really need to stop saving clothes don’t I? And I also love to have a blog where I can share my outfits and to have an good excuse to experiment a bit with clothes.

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