Wearing: Modern-Day Pippi Longstocking.

Hello lovely ones.
Today’s outfit (and hair) makes me feel like a modern-day Pippi Longstocking. I wish I could say that I grew up with the books about her, but I think I watched the movies and TV-series so much more.  Nevertheless she really is some kind of a childhood hero for me. She was so cool you know, managing without any adults and all, not to mention what a fun friend she seemed to be.
And now I’m all grown up, trying to take care of myself and it’s just not as easy as it seemed to be when I was a kid. A lot of the time I just feel that I fail at being an adult. Like there was some kind of class where everyone else went to learn how to adult and I just missed out on it, and now it’s to late to learn. Do you ever feel like that too? It’s like everyone else are getting jobs and starting families and have it all worked out for them while I’m just stuck not knowing what I want. (Okay I do have the family thing sorted out already, but other than that I’m all confused.)

Modern Day Pippi Longstocking

Modern Day Pippi LongstockingEverything is old in this picture except the pinafore dress that I bought from Boohoo not long ago. It’s the perfect pinafore dress and I’m so happy that I found it after being on the lookout for one in this model for years. An my hair really need some new color to it if you ask me, but I haven’t decided what shade I want next yet.

Bye for now and thanks for stepping by.


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  1. I love the pinafore! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair pink (never been brave enough!), so maybe that could be your next shade..? Haha
    Thanks for the post! x

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