Wearing: Leopard Print And Overknee Socks.

Hello darlings.
One of my goals for this year is to make more outfit posts, mainly because clothes is the one thing in this world that I feel that I’m kind of good at. And I’m not saying this so that you can tell me that you’re sure that I have a lot of other talents too. I’m saying this because for as long as I can remember clothes has been my thing. I can’t really study, or sit still for hours at the time or even apply a decent makeup. But yeah, I can do clothes.

IMG_9732 (2)

So about todays outfit then. Todays outfit includes a thrifted sweater in leopard print and overknee socks from Pieces. The boots are Dr. Martens and the skirt is an old one from Monki.
I have had this combination in my head for a while but didn’t come around to wear it until today. Must say I really like how it turned out. And the knee-high socks are a real life-saver in this cold weather.

IMG_9735 (2)

I admire those people that can write like 1000 words about what they are wearing. I really wish I could do that too. Me I’m more like; yeah this is clothes and I’m wearing them because they look nice and I needed something to wear.
Well I guess I won’t be a proper fashion blogger any time soon. But I still really like to do outfit posts, and hopefully I can inspire someone by doing them.

Leopard Print And Overknee Socks

Tell me what you think about this post. Is it any good or should I stick to other kind of posts? (No, I won’t stop doing outfit posts. But it’s still fun to hear your thoughts.)


  1. Love the outfit! Definitely do more outfit posts, looks cold out in the snow though! Made me laugh what you said about people who write 1000 words in outfit posts hahaha I just describe it in a few words then I’m like ‘yep, this is what I’m wearing, and I kinda like it and I hope you do too lol’

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  2. Outfit posts are always fun to see I think. I love being inspired by people through their OOTD’s and since I have such an eclectic taste, I look at everything! Love your jacket! I like the pairing with the over-the-knee socks. I wish they weren’t as expensive as they are though. I’d def buy more if they were cheaper.

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