Wearing: Cropped Sweater And Pencil Skirt.

Hello darlings.
Another couple of outfit photos taken in bad light. But that’s what happens when my plans goes against the weather. At least it’s looking like it will be warmer soon, so I hope that I can get some pictures taken outside this weekend. But back to  today.

Wearing: Cropped sweater and pencil skirt from H&M. First time I’m wearing this skirt, which is a bit odd since I realized how comfortable it is. The fabric is super stretchy and like you can see the waist is really high so my tummy stays warm.
The boots are from H&M too, and I got them as well as a bunch of other clothes from a friend of my sister last week. They don’t feel that warm though so I won’t be wearing them outdoors for a while though.

Cropped Sweater And Pencil Skirt

Untitled design (17)

Untitled design (18)

Okay I’m actually adding this last photo just because I do kind of really like the awkward pose I’m making. because I am a kind of awkward person.  I tend to laugh a bit too high at my own jokes, I say way too many bad words when playing video games and I hate it when I have to deal with social norms that I don’t like. But I’m also kind of nice, I promise.


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  1. Fergus

    That’s a beautiful outfit. The skirt hugs your form perfectly and the sleeve length of the top is perfect. For day or night, couldn’t go wrong. You didn’t mention it, but the necklace is the jewel in the crown, it creates an almost vintage look. Love it !!.

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