Wearing: Big Sweater And Overknee Socks.

Hello everyone.
Today this mix of rain and snow was falling from the sky for hours, and to make it even better the wind was sometimes so strong that rain/snow was literally falling sideways. So it looked like my chances of taking some decent outfit photos was below zero. But lucky for me it cleared up some time after I had given up on doing this post, so I re-planned the day once again and these photos was taken. And I’m obviously not wearing just a big sweater and overknee socks because that would be a bit weird, not to mention a bit cold.

Big sweater and overknee socks.

Big sweater and overknee socks

Big sweater and overknee socks

white sweater and red socks

basic blogger

Big sweater and overknee socks

green hair don't care

Wearing: Big sweater; Asos // Short black dress and tights; H&M //  Overknee socks; Pieces // Boots; Dr. Martens // Bag; Thrifted by my sister.

So I really like how the photos turned out and I’m so happy that I could take them today. The necklace is actually a bracelet I bought some years ago when chokers wasn’t really a thing yet. And the little whale on my bag is called Steinar.


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