Wearing A Short Skirt In Cold Weather.

Hello darlings.
In Sweden we have this saying that goes: There is no bad weather, there is just bad clothes. Well, I think that’s a stupid saying. There is obviously bad weathers, especially if you’re a blogger. I do however think that it’s important to know how to dress for the weather. So in today’s post I will tell you about how I can wear short skirts in temperatures below -12° Celsius without freezing my butt of. So here we go; how to wear a short skirt in cold weather.

You see it’s all about layering. Something I said a while back that I would not write about, but I guess I know more about it than I thought I did. So this is how I dress for a day out in the cold. Or a walk, I mean a walk. Probably a short one to. Because even if the clothes are warm the weather is freezing.

Short Skirt In Cold Weather

This is pretty much my everyday look at the moment. If I ever get outside that is. My mittens are great because I don’t even need to wear a pair of finger gloves under them. And cotton skirts are the best, the ones with polyester tend to get cold ever with all the things I wear under them.

Layering for a short skirt in cold weather.

* Some kind of tank top.
* Two pair of tights, at least 40 den each.
* Cotton bicycle shorts under the skirt.
* knitted over-knee socks, even if they make my feet a bit to warm.
* Cotton skirt.
* Knitted sweater, the warmer kind.
* Warm jacket.
* Beret or an other hat, since much of the body heat disappears through the head.
* Knitted scarf.
* Mittens.
* Dr. Martens or other good boots.

And that’s how to dress for the Swedish whether right now. And the best is that the way I’m layering I can just peel of some of the layers when I get inside. This way I’m never get too cold or too warm.

How do you layer to get through this colder months?



  1. Fergus Healy

    Two pairs of tights, pair of knee highs and cycling shorts. It must take an age just to get dressed. But you do look great in all your layers.
    Fergus ??

  2. Nice post and nice photos..we have snow here in Montenegro too and it is so cold, probably no skirts till april xoxox


  3. Oh, I am not brave enough to wear skirt in -10⁰C and below. 😀 My thighs freeze even with jeans and leggings underneath and a down coat covering half the thighs. 😀 However, once I got a bit of thigh frost bite (while walking about 30min home in -30⁰C with only one layer of thin jeans, yup, that was dumb), so I think they are now more sensitive to cold weather.
    BUT enough about me 😀 . I like the idea of 2 tights, even though it is so simple, I had never thought of it. And love the socks and boots! 🙂
    Have a great day,

  4. Hollie

    great post,i love all the layering but most of all,i love your skirt,i am polks dot mad and when i seen your post,i just had to comment! I love wearing a skirt and even here in Ireland it is pretty cold.I have been wearing 200 den tights which tbh i still feel cold in but i also feel that little bit better for it in myself! xx

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