Ways To Wear: Pencil Skirt And Tank Top

Hi everyone.
I seriously don’t know how to start this post. This is my first ever ‘Ways To Wear’ post. I hope you will enjoy it because I do plan to make more of them. The base of today is a gray pencil skirt and a black tank top. That’s all I have to say for now, and I hope that this post can give you some inspiration.

NOTE: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

pencil skirt and tank top Tank Top: h&m // Pencil Skirt: Topshop via Zalando

The 90ies Look.
90ies fashionBackpack: Asos // Mini Hair Claws: Asos // Shoes: Monki // Tights: Monki // Choker: Asos

I really like the 90ies trend. And I don’t giva a damn about the stupid ‘don’t do the trend if you where around for the first round of it’- rule. I mean is long as one think it’s fun, one can do any trend. And this sure is a fun one.

The Grunge Look.
grungeShirt: Asos // Tights: Asos // Hair Claw: Asos // Dr. Martens: Zalando

Iwas only a kid the first time this trend was around, and way to young to do it back then. Can’t say I ever done it since then either, except for the messy hir part that is. But I really like the look and I think that there are a loot of people out there that makes it look really great.

The Cozy Autumn Look.perfect autumn lookScarf: Asos // Cardigan: Asos // Socks: Zalando // Shoes: Asos

I don’t think I’m the only one that’s totally in love with cozy autumn fashion. And well, this outfit is all about being cozy and looking good at the same time. And that’s a real winner in my book.

(If you read this far, please let me know which look is your favorite?)

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