TTIP: What Is It and How Will It Affect Me

Hello everyone.
  Today I’m going to talk about something that really scares me. I mean really, really scares me. And that is The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, also known as TTIP.

The Hard Fact.
  TTIP is a free trade and investment treaty that right now is being negotiated between the EU and the USA. But what does that really mean? The main goal of TTIP is not to stimulate trade between the EU and the USA by removing tariffs between the two, since they already are at minimal levels. Instead the main goal is to remove the so-called barriers that decreases the potential profits that can be made by a corporations on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s just that these ‘barriers’ are things like labour rights, food safety rules, rules regarding GMOs and animal testings, as well as regulations on the use of toxic chemicals, and digital privacy laws. (source)
  So the way I see it, it’s basically these big ass companies that want to make even more money, and they think that the best way to do this is by making sure that social standards and environmental regulations won’t stand in there way. Scary, right?

  But how can all of this affect you and me personaly? Let me give you some examples.

  Well first of all, if you live in Europe like me, there will be big changes to the food we eat. And no I don’t mean that we will be eating more hamburgers and stuff like that.
  What it means is that US companies want to be able to sell their food on the European market without being held by the regulations that we have at the moment. Right now they can’t do that because of EUs regulations when it comes to hormone-treated beef (what is that even?), pesticides and of course GMOs. They might see it as a problem, but for me it makes me feel a lot safer about what I eat.

  According to official estimations as many as 1 million jobs will be affected when the companies profit is being prioritised over the rights of their workers. I’m a socialist, I like unions, I think that workers should have more rights than to have a job. But if TTIP goes through, not only can it lead to jobs being moved to where the standards are the lowest, but it can also lead to a situation where companies can sue a country for lost profit if said country raises the wages for thier workers.

  And then it’s the cosmetics thing. I love my makeup, and I also love myself. So of course I want my makeup to be safe. And the thing is that this isn’t anything I’d given much thought before I read about TTIP. I just assumed that it was safe and that animal testing was illegal everywhere. But it turnes out that I was wrong. In the EU there are 1200 substances that can’t be used in cosmetics, in the US that number is like 12. And Their companies can also test it on animals of they feel like it.

Scared yet? Want to know more or know what you can do to stop it? Click here.


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