Tiny Succulent Pots, Simple DIY

Hello everyone.
Today if finally took the time to make some tiny succulent pots out of polymer clay. It’s one of those projects that’s been on my mind for months but that I just haven’t taken the time for, untill today. It’s a pretty simple project and it took me about one hour and a half to make three different designs.

So here I presents to you: DIY: Tiny Succulent Pots.

tiny succulent pots

You will need.
1 big chunk of black or white polymer clay for the base.
2 smaller chunks of polymer clay in other colors.
A rolling-pin or a glass jar.
Something to cut the clay with.
(A tiny succulent to plant.)

you will need

Part 1. Swirly Dots.

This will make a swirled cane that can be used for more than one tiny pot, but I think it’s hard to make a smaller one. So roll it into some tin foil when you’re done and save it for future projects.

diy succulent pots

(the camera lens is in the pictures for size comparison.)
1. Take the first color you plan to use in the spiral and make a roll out of if by rolling it between your hands. Then do the same with the other one. (Make sure to work them a bit in your hands before starting so that they aren’t to cold and hard to work with.)

2. Take your rolling-pin (or glass jar) and roll each color separately until they are about 5 millimeters thick. Then put them on top om each other and roll them some more until they stick together, see picture 2 above.

3. Roll it into a swirl like in picture 3.

4. Start making your cane narrower by taking a tight grip around the swirl, and carefully make your grip tighter and tighter until it is about 1 inch in the middle. Then continue by moving your grip out to the sides, one side at the time. By now it should look a bit like a trumpet. (Like in picture 4 but a lot bigger and shorter.)

5. Slowly roll your “trumpet”, starting from the middle of it and work outwards until it’s as thick as you want it. Hopefully it now looks like in picture 4. (And it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t, your tiny succulent pots will look great anyway.)

Part 2. The Tiny Pot.


(Once again the camera lens is there for size comparison.)
1. Start by making a ball out of your base color by rolling it between your hands. It should be about 1.5 inches across.

2. Use a really sharp knife or scalpel to cut your swirled cane into small dots and place them on the ball in a pattern of your choice.

3. Start rolling your ball again until the dots have “melted” into it. Remember to keep an even pressure while rolling so that the dots don’t lose their shape.

4. Make a little hole in the middle of the ball. I used the handle of my scalpel but you can also use your hands.

5. Make the hole bigger (and deeper) by using your thumbs to press the clay towards your other fingers. You kan also try rolling it a bit on a flat surface while having one or two fingers inside it (this is also a good thing to do when you’re almost done to get a more even shape on the pot). Make sure not to make the walls to thin because that can get them to be bent in the oven.

6. Bake your pots in the oven according to the instruction on its package. (I used some tin foil inside the biggest one to make sure it didn’t melt together.)

7. Congrats, now your done!

My tiny succulent pots that I made earlier today.
tiny succulents

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