Tiny Makeup Haul

Hello everyone.
  This is actually so tiny that I’m not really sure it counts as a haul. But here we go anyway. So, I actually just bougt my first pieces of real makeup. Or, I’ve been using mascara since my early teens and somewhere around sixteen I developed a bad kajal addiction. And of course I’ve been loving my lipsticks for quite some time now. But the real makeup stuff, you know the things that you put on your face, I’ve never used that before.
  So why start now? Because I realized that I could spend my whole life dealing with my transparent skin and the dark circles under my eyes, or I could do something about it. So I went online and ordered some makeup stuff.

  And this is what I bought. A transparent powder from Mac, that I totaly love since it makes my skin look so much better. A IsaDora concealer that is a bit to orange for my skin but it will do okay until I can afford another one. And a really nice and discreet blush and two brushes from H&M.
  So there you got it. My first makeup stuff. And I had so much fun playing with it in front of the mirror earlier today, and I’m just so happy that I decided to buy it.

Do you remember the first makeup stuff you bought?


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