Three Items I Plan To Rock This Season (and You Should Too!)

Hello everyone.
  Change of season means change of style. And for them of us that lives in the colder part of the world, it means learning to layer or freeze for a couple of months. But luckily enough we’re not qiute there yet. There are still time left to dress partly to look good, not only to keep oneself warm.
  Todays post will be about three things I plan to rock this season, and why I think you should do the same.
  For me this autumn will be all about dressing up and having a lot of fun with my looks. The colors will be on the darker side combined with different shades of grey. Fun accessories and darker makeup combined with longer skirts and cozy sweaters to keep warm. Think of a modern day evil Disney queen and you get where I’m going with this.
  But now over to the items I think we all sould be rocking this season.

The chunky heeled shoes.
  I know I’m a bit partial on this one. Because of the fact that I have mean feet I have to choose between chunky heels or no heels. But my main reason to wear shoes with chunky heels is that I really, really love how they looks. This autumn I plan to style them with glittery socks for now, and some over knee ones when it gets colder outside.
  Chunky heels are one of my big fashion obsessions and it have been for years. So why not be happy with that? Why am I going to tell others that they need to like them too? Well I’m not really sure. I just feel that they need to know what I know. And what I know is that chunky heels looks so pretty. Unless they are on sneakers, that’s just weird.
  If you feel the need for a pair of good looking chunky heels I would say that Vagabond is the first place to look. I know that if I had the money for it I would buy at least three pairs from them right now. I also have my eyes on a pair from, so you should take a look there too.
  Wear them like me with a short to mid lenght skirt and thick tights and you will be good to go. Or combine them with leggings and maybe a big sweater. I think you can find a nice shoe out there to fit any style.

The really dark lipstick.
  I actually wrote a post about this yesterday and you can find it here.
  So, yes I’m a big fan of this trend. I think it looks great and I think it make whoever tries it on looks empowered and like they are in control of their own lives.
  I don’t really care for natural colors when it comes to my makeup. When I wear makeup I want it to show. I want my decision to be seen. And if you’re anything like me you will probably love this trend too.

The beret.
  This is another one of my go-to pieces for both autumn and winter. I’m not sure they are really trending right now but I still hope that I will be able to find a black or white one to add to my tiny collection this year.
  So why rock it and how? The why part is easy, it looks cute and it will keep your head warm. Also it can be a great way to add some color to your outfit. And the how is really simple too. Just put it on your head and make sure your hair isn’t more of a mess than usual. Then take a look in the mirror and realize that you look amazing, feel amazing and that you are amazing.
So, what item do you plan to rock this season?


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