They Don’t Call It Retail Therapy For Nothing.

Hello darlings.
Yesterday I got some serious retail therapy done. Or maybe retail therapy isn’t the best words for it since the shopping wasn’t the most therapeutic part of it. Like some of you might now I’ve been dealing with anxiety for over three years now, and until the end of October last year I hadn’t been leaving our suburb for almost two years, so taking the bus to the mall is still a kind of big deal to me. And while the thought of taking the bus still makes me a bit of anxious, the feeling when I sit on it is a feeling of being totally free, knowing that I’m not stuck here any more is pretty amazing I’ll tell you.

How I looked before the “retail therapy”.

Untitled design (47)

And what I bought.

Because yes of course I did some shopping, it wouldn’t have been retail therapy if I didn’t, would it? I bought some new tops and a Care Bear pajamas that’s the cutest ever. But now I won’t buy a single piece of clothing until April, that’s a promise.

They Don't Call It Retail Therapy For Nothing.

They Don't Call It Retail Therapy For Nothing.

But I also had some frozen yogurt, and that my friends is my biggest achievement so far this year. Due to my anxiety it had been over two years since I eat away from home last time, until yesterday. And we hadn’t really planed it either, but being at the mall I just felt that I could do it, so I did. And it tasted amazing and I can’t wait until I can eat out again. I know that it’s a small thing for a lot of you, but for me it’s a huge leap towards getting my life back, so yeah it’s a pretty big deal.

Bye for now and thanks for reading.


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