The Spiders Made Me Do It

Hello darlings.
Ever wondered what a phobia of spiders combined with a tiny dose of paranoia can make you do? I can’t tell you what you would have done, but if you want I can tell you about what it got me to do.
I Googled their eyes.
  If you are the least scared of spiders don’t, and I mean seriously don’t, google images of their eyes. I did this, of course I did this. I had came to a point of almost being able to accept all of their legs that is always moving around. And then I got the brilliant idea of wanting to know how their eyes looked. So I googled it. I belived that I couldn’t get more paranoid about spiders then I already where, but obviously I could. So take it from me. Don’t google their eyes. Or their legs. Or how they move. You get the point right? If you are scared of spiders, don’t google them.
I have killed one spider three times.
  Yes, I killed the same spider three times. To make sure it was really dead. First i mashed it with my boot, to make sure it couldn’t move anymore. Then i sprayed perfume all over it so that it would die a bit more from alcohol poisoning. I then finished it of by drowning it in the toilet. A bit to much you think? Yeah maybe, but at least it scared all of the other spiders away, since I never found another one in that bathroom.

I put a dead spider in my sisters room .
  I didn’t do this to be mean, okay? I did it so that if the dead spiders family would come looking for it, they would be mad with my sister insead of me. And my sister wasn’t at home at the time either. Also I did take it out of her room a couple of hours later. It’s not like I’m a totaly bad person or someting like that. I’m just a bit paranoid.

  I’m not stupid. I don’t really think that spiders go around looking for their dead family members. Or that they need to be killed over and over again. I even know that they do some good things. I just can’t help but being terrified for them anyway.

What about you. Have you ever done anyting weird because of a phobia?


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