The One Thing All Men Need To Know About Makeup.

Hello everyone.
Today I will talk about the one thing all men need to know about makeup. Because like some of you know I love make up and I also love talking about makeup. I love makeup because it’s fun and creative and it makes me feel prettier. But most of all I love makeup because it makes me feel like a whole person, without it I feel a bit boring and invisible and not really like myself. And sure we could talk about why I feel this way, but I’m not that interested in doing that to be honest. I don’t care if it’s because I read beauty blogs or because most women on TV wear it or if it’s because I’ve learned from a young age that as an adult women I should wear makeup. I just know that makeup makes me feel complete.

I know I’m not the only one feeling this way about makeup. And I also think I’m not the only one tired of men having opinions about their makeup. Well, the one thing all men need to know about makeup, is that unless they are the ones wearing it, it’s not about them.

The One Thing All Men Need To Know About Makeup.

But yes I know that the fact that not everything is about them is a bit foreign for some men. And then we have the men that actually know that most women and other non-males wear makeup just for themselves, but still need make it about them somehow by saying things like at least they would never use that much or even make jokes about the makeup.

And it’s that last thing that made me want to write this post today. Those men that make fun about makeup. Because every time it happens I just want to look at them and scream. Except that most of the time it happens of Facebook so I can’t do that. So instead I blog about it.

The One Thing All Men Need To Know About Makeup.

So to those men I just want to say this: Not all women wear makeup all the time, and weather they do or don’t is none of you business because it’s not about you. And I don’t even think that you think that we wear it just to impress you guys or to trick you. You just want to make a point about something that just isn’t about you.

And I do think you already know how freaking powerful makeup can make a women feel. Because yeah makeup really is power. And I think that’s what you make fun of the fact that something that is seen as feminine can mean so much power. And I also think it scares some of you.  I think that that’s why there is makeup that are called “the kind of makeup that men don’t like”. Because I guess that back lipstick makes us look as powerful as we feel. Just as red lips and high heels does.

With this being said I also want to add that I don’t think there’s a right or wrong reason to wear makeup, or not to wear it. It’s just makeup. But it’s also pretty amazing.


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