Spring Shoes For Grunge Girls.

First of all five points to me for absolute lamest blog post title ever, I know. But the thing is that I can’t come up with anything else to call this post. Or I can, but nothing that actually describes what it is about, and if the title don’t really say anything about a posts content it’s pretty hard to find the right readers. And if you are here now I guess you might actually be interested in spring shoes for grunge girls. Or at least your interested in the grunge look or alternative fashion or neo-gothic fashion or maybe you just really, really love all kind of shoes. Whilst if I had just named the post “Spring Shoes I Like” there is a pretty big chance that no one would read it unless they already know that they like the same kind of shoes as me.

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. I won’t cost you anything to click on them but if a purchase is made after a click I might get a few percent of the cost, without it costing you any extra money.

Spring Shoes For Grunge Girls, or The Shoes Ida Would Buy If She Wasn’t Broke And On A Spending Ban.

Spring Shoes For Grunge Girls

Spring Shoes For Grunge Girls

Okay after spending half an hour looking at my done collage contemplating what pair I want the most I realized that adding some links to this post was a better use of my time, so that you know where to get them. So here you are:

New Look Wide Fit Platform Sandal // Dr Martens Black Patent 8-Eye Boots // Dr Martens Polley Mary Janes // Chunky Lace Boots // Vagabond Grace Black Textile Ankle Boots // Dr Martens Archive Indica Mary Janes // Dr Martens Flower Boots

Now that you know where to find the shoes I want to talk some more about them because OMG shoes. I love talking about shoes. Like you can se I’m pretty much all about chunky heels and Dr Martens, and I don’t think I will ever wear a pair of nude stilettos or something like that. And while I of course could find a place for all of these shoes in my wardrobe, the Chunky Lace Boots in the pink/purple frame is the pair I want the most I think and I’ve had my eyes on them fo ages. Oh well I might be able to afford them at the end of the summer or something.

But now let’s pretend that I wasn’t broke and on a spending ban and that you asked me how I would wear the shoes. Well I think that they all would look nice with a pair of over-knee socks and slip dress with a tight top underneath it, and maybe a choker and space buns for the perfect nineties look. What do you think?


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  1. I would take a pair of each please. I’m also on a self imposed clothes and wardrobe ban, but these are tempting. I love flannel shirts and Pearl Jam so I guess the title spoke to me.

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