Shopping Haul

Hello everyone.
I really love the feeling I get when I come home after I’ve been shopping like crazy, and get to go through all the stuff I bought. It’s a little bit like christmas. But what’s even more fun, is to photograph it all, and then to share it with you all. So now, like I said yesterday, it’s now time for my big shopping haul.

The H&M Stuff.
hm haul

Alice bands, makeup and face masks. Things I actually needed. Or kind of needed at least. Okay maybe not the Alice bands, but I think I can make good use of them anyway.
The blush is the color Tango Pink and is a bit more pink than the shade that I had before. The pen is some kind of mix between an eye liner and eye shadow, the color is called brownstone and I’m really looking forward to trying it out.
The face masks I was really happy when I found because I didn’t know that H&M sold them. There was a lot of different ones to choose from in a lot an eye catching colors. I bought one that is brightening for dry skin, and one that is pore-cleansing.

The Glittery Stuff.
glitter haul

When it comes to glittering things I’m a bit of a magpie. So all of these things are kind of; I saw it, I wanted it, I bought it. I have, however, been thinking of buying a nail file for a while now so I was really happy when I found these for a cheap price. The hair bands are from Monki and the hair clips are from H&Ms children’s section. And it’s like they’re glittering and they’re for my hair so they will definitely come to good use.

The Clothes.

The awesome ‘Girls Clique’ top is from monkey. And I love it, and it totally makes me want to buy one of those really short fake suede button up skirts and a pair of roller skates to match it with.
The socks are also from Monki. The beret is from the same store as the nail files, and I really plan to rock it this season. I also bought a new coat, but that on I will show you later.

The Candy.
sweets haul

When (I thought)  I was done with all my shopping we past this place that sold all this non-swedish candy. So of course I had to pick some things up there too. The Sour Patch Peaches are working their way into my tummy as I write this, they are really yummy. The rest I will try to save, at least for a couple of days.

Okay now I’m almost done, so hang with me a little bit longer.

The Other Stuff.
licorice tea

These cute bottles I bought to use as photo props, and I think it was a good move since they photograph very well. The tea is licorice and smells delicious.
I also bought licorice sprinkles, four candles and the first christmas presents for Little Miss I.

How did I do on my first ever shopping haul?



  1. Oh I wisk we had that shop ‘Monki’ in the UK as I love that top! Those bottles are cool too…….I love apothecary jars 🙂 well done on your haul 🙂

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