Shopping Guide: Affordable Basics.

Hello everyone!
I know you’re probably all wrapped up in Christmas preparations by now. Wraping gifts, planing pretty outfits and doing some last-minute shopping. And the little time you have over you might spend looking at your not-perfect-enoguh tree. Because seriously, do they ever turn out as pretty as in our minds?
Enough with the Christmas talk for now, since that’s not what todays post is about. Todays post will be about affordable basics. You know the kind of pieces that aren’t the most fun to buy, but that we just can’t do without. Therefore I have picked out some really nice and affordable pieces for you, so that you can buy some new basics and still have money left to buy the more fun stuff with.

NOTE: Some of the links that are used in this post are affiliate links.

Affordable Basics.

 Affordable Basics

Now let’s take it from the top, shall we?

Short Gray Dress; H&M // Yellow Polo; H&M // Gray Skirt; H&M // Black Dress; H&M // Gray Sweater; Zalando

Purple Top; Zalando // Dark Red Tunic; Zalando // Gray Skirt With Lace; Zalando // Black Polo Dress; Nelly

Grey Grandpa Top; H&M // Black Top; Zalando // Red T-shirt; Zalando // Black Top; Zalando

2-Pack Pencil Skirts; Zalando // Black Polo Top; Zalando // Maxi Skirt; Zalando 2-Pack Leggings; Zalando

Turtleneck Shift Dress; Nelly // Gray Top; H&M // Light Blue Polo; Nelly // Gray Sweater; H&M // Petrol Dress; H&M

So now I made this list of affordable basics, but I can’t afford a single piece on it at the moment. And I know how great every single piece would look in my closet, and on me. And almost every piece comes in several colors too so I could even have bought doubles. Well at least I hope my post will be to some help for others, since that’s the real reason that I made it.



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