September Goals Follow-Up

Hello darlings.
  So now it’s time for me to follow up on my September goals. And truth be told, I could have done better, but I could also have done a lot worse.
 Life Goal.

*Stop beeing a whining little bitch.
  On this one I have to admit that I failed completely. And it’s not that I haven’t tried. It’s just that I am a person that whine a lot. And it’s not because that I’m not happy or because I don’t love my life, because I really do that. I don’t know why I whine, but I realized that trying not to made me like ten times whinier. So now you know that.

  General Goals.

*Stop whining about not haivng any money, when I’m really to stingy to use the money I do have. – Done this.
*Stop thinking about sushi all the time and instead put my money on things that I can enjoy for more than half an hour. – Done this too.

*Order some nice, versatile clothes that I can use all winter. – Yes, both from Asos and H&M
*Buy some new makeup and/or nailpolish. – Yes, both!
*Take better care of my body so that I get more energy. – Nope, failed on this one.

  Blogging Goals.

*Review the Sunnyside bubble bar. – Here.
*Post at least 3 OOTD posts. Herehere and here.
*Post 1 hair tutorial post. – Nope, another failed one.

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