Reviewing Mars.

Hello darlings.
The time have come for me to review Mars and I’m gonna start by telling you that even if January and February was bad, the month of Mars have been even worse. It started of with me realizing that I was having some pretty bad side effects from my antidepressants and therefore made the choice to go of them. And well even if the side effects was making me feel bad, that was nothing compared to how it felt getting the meds out of my system. And going through all of this means that the blog have been suffering because I just haven’t had the energy to write, or to do that much else for that matter. But all of this does not mean that this month don’t deserve to get a review.

Reviewing Mars

Reviewing February: The not so good parts.

The antidepressants thing of course, and all the crying I’ve been doing because of it.

That I’ve been feeling like giving up on my blog because I will never be good/talented/pretty enough.

I’ve been eating way to much candy, and not only for easter.

My new succulents died, but at least I managed to save some of their leaves so hopefully I will have some new ones in a couple of months.

Reviewing February: The good parts.

No matter how bad of a person I felt like and no matter how much I’ve been thinking that I don’t deserve to have anything good in my life I haven’t deleted this blog.

I’ve been writing more about my mental health, which was one of my goals for the month.

I also have started to slowly organize my blog post ideas and other things surrounding the blog.

I made my first ever affiliate sale, thanks to this post, and it feels amazing.

I made some pilates, but not as much as I had planned to do.

On good days I’ve been taking really good care of my skin.

I got through the first month of my spending ban, even though I bought some things with my dad’s money when he was visiting.

And that’s it my friends. This month was a bad one, and I hope that the next will be nicer to me, so be sure to come back to keep an eye on me.


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  1. Hi, Ida! 🙂 Realized I haven’t visited your blog for a while so came by. 🙂 Happy you haven’t deleted your blog, that would make me so sad, as I really enjoy reading your posts. 🙂 Love how honest and sincere you are, expecially because you are writting a lot of personal stuff relating to mental health etc. Don’t underestimate your posts or things you are doing on this blog! I believe a lot more people are relating to your stories than you think and maybe you are even helping someone to feel better about themselves. Just with sharing your experience, reminding people they are not alone.
    Sooo, hope you are feeling better and I will be seeing you a lot more on twitter and your blog in April (OMG I can’t believe it is April already :O 😀 ). 🙂
    Take care,

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