Reviewing February.

Hello everyone.
Today is the last day of February which means the tomorrow will be the first of March, which mean that it will officially be spring, let’s just hope that the weather gets that too.  Just like I ended last month with a review post where I was sharing the ups and downs of January I will today be reviewing February in the same way. Talking about the weather though, we still have some snow on the ground, which is a bit weird since I’m pretty sure we had none when I wrote the January post. But at least it’s getting warmer and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t get any new snow on this side of the summer. (But if I know the Swedish weather I will be taking snowy outfit photos in April. The horror.)

Reviewing february

Reviewing February: The not so good parts.

I’ve been lazy when it comes to my Pinterest goal and only found myself one new group board to join.

I’ve been stuck in a grumpy mood for about a week, but I’m slowly coming out of it now.

I’ve been dealing with one cold after the other which have probably added to my grumpy mood.

Reviewing February: The good parts.

I thought I was loosing my blogging voice but now I think I’ve found it again.

Even though I only found one new group board my outfit photos are now getting re-pins and I have also had a tiny amount of traffic from the platform.

I wrote this post about how I use StumbleUpon to grow my blog and have had some pretty good traffic on it.

I’ve been eating some really tasty food and that’s always nice.

I finally bought two new succulents and now it’s so much more fun to take blog photos again.

I have manged to keep blogging even if my grumpy mood have left me feeling stupid and ugly.

Little Miss I turned nine years old and even if it feels weird that she’s getting older I know that’s the way of life. And we had cake to celebrate.

I did some more outfit posts and ended up surprised over how pretty I look in them.

And that’s it. Now that you know my ups and downs for the month, got anything you want to share with me?


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