Review: Lush Sunnyside Bubble Bar

Hello everyone.
  Now it’s time for me to review the Sunnyside Bubble Bar from Lush, like I promised in the beginning of the month. Sunnyside is the first bubble bar I ever tried from Lush, which was about time since I’ve loved their bath bombs for years.

  According to their webpage the Sunnyside Bubble Bar should turn your water into a bright shade of gold, and also give it a shimmer. I has a cheerfull aroma that comes from sweet wild orange, lemon and tangerine oils.


  The water really turned into this nice golden shimmering color, and it also became really soft which I really liked. The smell was also nice but not amazing which was just what I had expected. The best part was, without doubt, the foam.
  There was so much foam. I could almost not see the water because of all the foam. It was amazing. It made me so happy and my inner child was so pleased. I could even make a foam tower out of it. Iiterally sat in the bathtub laughing because of all the foam. So amazing I tell you.

  So over all I’m happy that I tried this one. I will probably buy it agian sometime, and I would definitely recomend it to a friend. And I will also try another bubble bar from Lush soon.

Which Lush product is your favorite in the bathtub?


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