Review: Lush Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream

Hello everyone.
  A couple of days ago Lush launched their Halloween and Cristmas stuff. And yes, of course I’m a bit over excited about it. I mean I’m a bit over excited about a lot of things, but the first time I saw what were coming I literally started to jump up and down. And the thing that got me this excited was that my all time favorite Lush Bath Bomb (Lord Of Misrule) was going to make a comeback and it’s amazing fragrance had also been given to a all new Shower Cream. OMG! As soon as I saw it I knew that it needed to be mine, and today I finally got it.
  To be totaly honest with you all, I decided that I loved this product the first time I saw it on the internet. But I thougt it would be fun to make a review and tell you some more about it anyway.

  Like you can see it is really green and I thought it kind of felt like slime, which I thought was really fun. It also have a silver shimmer that you can’t really see in these photos.
  Just like the Bath Bomb with the same name it smells lovely. It have the smell of patchouli, peppercorn and black pepper mixed with Fair Trade vanilla. And it made me smell nice for hours after getting out of my bath.

  So it turned out that I was right when I decided that it was something I was going to love. I do like it a bit more than the Bath Bomb, and that says a lot. My plan is to buy an other bottle before it disappears, as well as some of their other limited time stuff. And if you have the money for it, I think you should do so to.



  1. I love Lush products. We just don't have a store front here so I have to do all my shopping online. That's fine, but it means I usually do a bi-annual haul instead of getting one or two things here and there.

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