Ramblings Of A Unemployed Girl: I Really Hate Not Having A Job.

Hello lovely ones.
Like some of you might know I’ve been unemployed for half of an eternity, or to be more exact almost three years. I don’t think I need to tell you that I feel pretty done with it by now. The problem is that I’m not done with it, because until I’ve learned to deal with my anxiety problem I won’t be able to get a job. But right now I really hate not having a job even more than I hate my anxiety.

It’s like I know that I can’t get a job right now. I really, really know that. I know that I need to focus on getting better and that my mental health comes first. But lately this not having a job thing have been on my mind all the time.

I Really Hate Not Having A Job.

I really hate not having a job because being at home all day, not really having anything to do isn’t as fun as it might sound. This blog is the only thing that don’t just feel like a waste of time. Apart from that I just watch Netflix or talk to the cats.

I really hate not having a job because I haven’t had an income of my own for almost three years and I tired of living of Mr. A and my parents, and since Mr. A is in school we are pretty much always low on money.

I really hate not having a job because I’m terrified how this big gap will look at my CV ones I start applying for jobs again. I mean I have literally no idea what I will say when they ask about it. It’s like how should I be able to talk about what I’ve been through without being seen as a risk.

I really hate not having a job and I actually thought about start applying for jobs just so that I could have something to blog about. Because yes, that’s actually how boring my life is at the moment.

But most of all I really hate not having a job because it feel like I’m wasting my life away and that time is running away from me. I feel like I had my chance and now I’ve lost it and that I might never have a job ever again. And I feel like a loser even though I know I’m not a loser and I really hate feeling like this.

Have you ever been without work for a long period of time? Got any tips for me on how to deal with it?


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  1. maria

    Hey, thanks for the post! It was interesting to read, and I can definitely relate to your situation. I’ve been without actual job for about six months now, and yea it feels somethimes quite confusing (mostly the money problem and a CV gap). I am sorry that you are dealing with anxiety on your way to start working, it must be not easy at all.
    I’d say try to make small changes daily. It is a good idea to check job position and what’s going on in the job market now. You can see which skills are required, and if there have been any changes in your sphere. Ther are lots of online courses which you can take to learn something new and to feel better and more confident. Plus, you can always add them on your CV.
    Another thing which you can do is doing some volunteer work, be that online volunteering (writing texts? translating something?) or maybe some small part-time project. I just suggest it because I think this might give you that exact change you need, and you will feel like you are moving forward.
    Not being able to work full-time doesn’t mean you cannot develop your knowledge or do something else to feel a change.
    I hope this tips can at least bring you new ideas or thoughts 🙂
    Take care!

  2. I didn’t have an outside job for a while because of my Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I found ways to work from home. At one point I was doing data entry, and at another time I did content writing.
    Right now I have a part-time job that I really like. I don’t have to work with too many people and the job is easy and not stressful. I won’t go to full-time because I could get too stressed out and then quit.
    I’ve started my beauty blog so I can create another stream of income to so that I won’t need to go full-time. I’m also working started a domain-selling business.
    I would say if you want to get a job outside the home, part-time is best, doing a type of work that doesn’t trigger your anxiety too much. If you choose to stay at home, there are lots of legitimate work-from-home jobs you can do.
    Best of luck to you!

    • Ida

      Thank you so much. Right now I’m trying to grow my blog so that it can give me a small income and I’m also thinking of going back to school this fall. Sad enough there don’t seem to be a lot of work-from-home jobs in Sweden. Wish it was though./love Ida

  3. Hi, Ida! I feel you. 🙂 I’ve been unemployed for longer periods of time mostly because working 8.00 – 17.00 is reaaly tiring and exhausting for me. Also, it was a lot of stress, I used to be very sensitive and cared too much about what people think and say etc. I had other reasons too for not loving regular job. 😀 I just wanted to say, that I totally understand your situation. 🙂
    And I think it is going to be OK for you. Just for now, do what you love and the job will come when it is time and the employer will love you for who you are (just like in relationships 😀 ). I also think your anxiety shouldn’t be something to hide from employers or anyone, but I totally understand why you would wanna do that. I just think, that it would be nice if noone judged you for who you were etc, but look at you just now. Also, you can always say – Family issues 😀 Or something like that. Also 🙂 Blogging is kind of job and you have learned so much from blogging etc (I think you have 🙂 ). So you can say that too. 🙂
    And (this is turning into a very long comment 😀 ) just the other day I thought about you and your blog because I really enjoy how you promote your blog on twitter. 🙂 And you have very catchy post titles, very intriguing, so I wanna click and read. I don’t know what was your profession or specialty but I think you have a knack for marketing. 🙂
    And if you are worried about finding a job, you can use this “home time” to learn more new things, so you know a lot of stuff when you decide to apply for a job. 🙂 Employers will appreciate it. 🙂
    Take care and don’t worry that much!

    • Ida

      Aw thank you so much. Your comments always makes my day. 🙂
      I’m actually going to apply to some studdy from home courses this autumn so I hope to be going back to school by then. And keep blogging of course./love Ida

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