Photo Prop Haul

Hello everyone!
I’m so exited to write todays post. I’ve been wanting to write it for a couple of days now but with it being the beginning of January I had some posts that I felt had to go first. But now I’m finally here, writing my first ever photo prop haul. And I can’t remember ever reading one either. Maybe because others don’t go crazy spending over half of their shopping budget on photo props. (It was a really small budget. I’m not that crazy.)
So what happened was this: Me and Mr. A went back to the big mall so that I could remind my self that I’m no longer stuck in our suburb. (Big anxiety problem yes, and I’m slowly winning over it.) I had this little budget to shop for and I had some things I wanted to look after and I had also planed to buy some sushi to bring home. And then I went into this store called Tiger and spent way more in there than I had planed on. Things like that happens, okay? I also broke the budget and forgot everything I was supposed to buy except the sushi. Okay now I’m rambling. Over to my photo prop haul.

Photo Prop Haul


Photo Prop Haul: What I bought.

washi tape Holographic paper and paper tape.

tasselsSome tassels!

glitter bandsThese present thingies.

gem stonesGem stones.

blörAnd some pretty drinking straws.

What do you think about the things I bought? I really hope that they will help me make my future blog photos a bit more fun. And since I’m a bit of obsessed with photo props I’m sure I will make and other haul in the future. So be sure to come back to have a look if you liked this one.



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