another TV-dinner

Lángos is one of my absolute favorite things to eat. It takes a bit or preparation but it’s totally worth it. And you can eat it for so long. Like, you think full, but then after ten minutes you can fit some more delicious fried bread in your tummy. And after some soda even a … [Keep reading…]

the perks of insomnia

No, there is really no fun in not beeing able to sleep. But when I woke up some minutes past midnight and a couple of hours later realized that i would’t get any more sleep this night either I decided to make the best of it. When one is not able to sleep one have … [Keep reading…]

the place i call home

This is where I live. Almost at the end station of the subway. A suburb that sometimes feels like it is made entirely out of concrete.  But I like it here. At least most of the time.    

so i begins…

So Im not really doing that well at the moment. Im unemployed and suffering from social phobia and probably also some kind of PTSD.The way i feel it, from now on, it can pretty much only become better.I have started this blog as a part of my mission to take back the power over my … [Keep reading…]