The colors of this morning truly took my breath away. I mean, how can one be anything but happy when a day begins with colors like this?   

an ice tea misfortune

Have you ever been drinking something out of a bottle with a straw? Maybe even ice tea? And then somehow forgotten how to use the straw between your lips, so instead of drinking you pour the ice tea all over yourself?Yeah I just did that.

grumpy, much?

Waking up this morning after about twelve hours of sleep. And to say that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed would be an understatement. Meh. Thats not how it’s suppose to work.Sleep early, wake up well rested, and feeling great was kind of my plan. But that failed. Instead I found … [Keep reading…]

about getting through

I don’t care about happy endings. I care about happy right now. I care about getting through every day. And to make them the best they can be.I belive in lighting candles and taking long hot baths. I belive that a big mug of your favorite tea can make any problem a bit easier to … [Keep reading…]