flowers of the spring

A photo walk with my family. Me with my camera and my stepdaughter with her fathers old iPhone. And my love making sure neither of us walking of to far. It’s spring, but today was one of those almost summer days that one just have to love.

for the love of tea

My tea collection. Or our. But my partner drinks tea like two times at week at most. So, since I drink at least two cups a day, I do consider the collection to be mine. And I love it. Being able to choose a kind every morning is true luxury for me. Black, green or … [Keep reading…]


The day before yesterday we made these cupcakes. Don’t they look pretty? Yeah I think they do. And there you have my big problem of the day. My cupcakes are so damn cute that I seriously don’t want to eat them. Or I’ve already eaten the ugly ones, and now it’s only the prettiest ones … [Keep reading…]

get on your brooms and ride

Maundy Thursday. The day of the Last Supper. And accordning to nordic folklore the day when you, if you are a witch, will take your broom to Blockula to celebrate the witches Sabbath with the Devil. And if you can’t find a broom to travel on you might as well use a peel och even … [Keep reading…]