Confessions of a Night Dreamer

It’s in the middle of the night and I should have been asleep hours ago. But obviously I’m not. I sitt awake. Drinking herbal tea and daydreaming about life. The thoughts seem to wander so much easier at night time. I love the nights. The silence when everyone else is sleeping. And everyting feel a … [Keep reading…]

New Computer

I could start this post of by giving you an tutorial on how to put on your sweater in eight easy steps. But it’s so simple that I will tell you about it in just one sentence instead. You just start of by turning the sweater you planing on wearing inside out, and then you … [Keep reading…]

about doing fine

Everytime someone asks me me how I feel I want to tell them that I’m doing fine, that I actually feel good. Because I do feel good. I really am doing fine. But I’m doing me fine. I’m not doing their kind of fine. Not now. Not yet. And thats okay for now. Right now doing … [Keep reading…]