OOTD: September the 7th

  Hello darlings.  This is what I wore today. I didn’t actually go outside for any other reason than to take these photos, which is the reason that I wear shoes that I can’t really walk in.  The autumn is really here now. Yesterday it rained all day and today the wind was messing with … [Keep reading…]

I Try Stuff, Styled Photos

  Hello darlings.   I Try Stuff is a new series that I plan to have here on the blog. And today I’m doing the first post that is about me trying out how it is to take so-called styled photos.   But first thing first. The kind of styled photos I’ve been taking today … [Keep reading…]

Goals. September 2015

  Hello folks. These are my goals for September. Wish me luck on accomplishing them, okay?   Life Goal.*Stop beeing a whining little bitch.  You could think that dealing with depression and anxiety would have helped me not to whine about small, unnecessary and plain stupid stuff, but it hasn’t. Instead I find myself whining … [Keep reading…]

Help Is the Hardest Word

 Hello folks. Today I’m goning to talk about panic attacks and how I was to stubborn to ask for help.   I got my first real panic attack in the beginning of november 2012. I’d planned to go home to visit my parents for the autumn break. We had had some really stressful times in … [Keep reading…]