Wearing A Short Skirt In Cold Weather.

Hello darlings. In Sweden we have this saying that goes: There is no bad weather, there is just bad clothes. Well, I think that’s a stupid saying. There is obviously bad weathers, especially if you’re a blogger. I do however think that it’s important to know how to dress for the weather. So in today’s … [Keep reading…]

Let’s Talk About Wardrobes

Hello everyone. Let’s talk about wardrobes, shall we. And no not the kind that can take us to Narnia if were lucky enough. I mean our clothes. Or in this case my clothes since right now I’m the one doing the talking, or writing if you want to be like that. I love clothes. I … [Keep reading…]

Blogging Rules I Won’t Obey

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello darlings. A while back I wrote a post about my new blogging rules. And today I’m going to tell you about some blogging rules I won’t obey. Not because they are totally bad advises or that I think that they can’t work. It’s just they just aren’t for me. … [Keep reading…]

Green Hair And Messy Curls

Green hair and messy curls? Yeah you might have guessed by know that today’s post will be all about my hair. But first I guess a hello is in order. So hello my darlings, I’m so glad that you’re here. About my hair then. Well today I took the very adult decision to not wash … [Keep reading…]