Wearing: Paint It Black.

Hello everyone. I did not want to wake up this morning. The bed was so cozy and all I wanted was to stay in it all day reading Harry Potter. And I just did not care about my plans to have some outfit photos taken, or that there actually was some decent light in our … [Keep reading…]

Blogiversary part 1: What have been.

Hello everyone! I’m so glad that you’re here. On Saturday it will be exactly one year since I published the first ever post on this blog, which means I’m celebrating my first ever blogiversary. Yay! The blog had another name by then, since my only plan was to empty my head on the internet and … [Keep reading…]

Wearing: Cropped Sweater And Pencil Skirt.

Hello darlings. Another couple of outfit photos taken in bad light. But that’s what happens when my plans goes against the weather. At least it’s looking like it will be warmer soon, so I hope that I can get some pictures taken outside this weekend. But back to ┬átoday. Wearing: Cropped sweater and pencil skirt … [Keep reading…]

Where To Find Fashion Inspiration.

Hello lovely ones. A couple of days ago I talked a bit about my wardrobe, and today I wanted to continue on that theme by talking about where I find fashion inspiration. If was to describe my style I would probably say that it’s a mix between dark and colorful, and also a mix between … [Keep reading…]

My Favorite Lipsticks.

Hello everyone. Another day, another post. And I’m kind of running out of good ways to start them. But running out of ways to start post does not mean I have run out of things to write about. And today I will tell you about my favorite lipsticks. Like I said before I will never … [Keep reading…]