Wearing: Big Sweater And Overknee Socks.

Hello everyone. Today this mix of rain and snow was falling from the sky for hours, and to make it even better the wind was sometimes so strong that rain/snow was literally falling sideways. So it looked like my chances of taking some decent outfit photos was below zero. But lucky for me it cleared … [Keep reading…]

January Beauty Wish List

Hello my lovely ones. It feels like I haven’t done a wish list in ages, and I kind of miss doing them. I won’t go back to doing them every week because┬áthat made me feel like I was always looking at stuff I would never afford, but I will try to do one or two … [Keep reading…]

What If Blogging Is Dead?

Hello everyone! I’ve been blogging on this blog for one year now, taking it kind of seriously for about six months. Before that I had a blog in Swedish where a had planned to document my school year. But pretty much the whole year became a mess and there where so many things happening that … [Keep reading…]

Wearing: Dressed In Gray.

Hello darlings. Hope you’re all been having a great Sunday. Me I had planned to get things done today, but that did not happen. Instead I woke up late and then I’ve spent the day doing a bit of this and that without really getting anything finished. But at least I managed to get some … [Keep reading…]