Organizing My Blog.

Hello everyone.
A while back I thought it might be a good idea for me to start organizing my blog and other things around it. And for about three months I have been kind of organizing my blog post ideas using Google Calendar, while still keeping all the other stuff in my head. I guess it will be no surprise when I say that it haven’t worked very well. But a couple of days ago I decided that the time had come to start doing old-school organization and get it all down on paper.

So I got up, way to late, this morning and thought that today was the day to start organizing stuff. And I got a big writing book and some washi tape from the little drawer where I keep most of my photo props,  and then I realized that I had no idea where I had put our pink sticky notes. So I went all over the apartment, swearing over what I mess I am, looking for the pink notes, found some yellow ones instead and thought that I would have to settle for them, then found the pink sticky notes as well and then I could finally get some photos taken before I started organizing my blog for real.

OrganizingMy Blog.

And now over to how I’m actually use these things when organizing my blog.

First of all, since I am a very unorganized girl the organization have to be fun or it will just not be done. And that’s what the sticky notes are for, pink ones for the blog and yellow ones for other stuff I need to get done. Once I’m then done with a task I take the note, tore it apart and throws it away. This way it won’t become yet another boring to-do list that stresses me out for a couple of day and that I then end up misplacing, nor do I have to have my to-do list in my head like I have been for some time now.

organizing my blog

I have three pages like this one; first one is the to-do list in the picture and then there is one for blog post ideas and one for outfit ideas. When I come up with something new I just add it to the right page, over or under the other notes depending on how soon I need to get it done.

It will be interesting to see how my new system will be working out for me over time. Right now I feel really good about it and I already feel a little bit calmer in my head, knowing that I no longer need to remember it all now that I have it on paper. It’s like even if I still know that I need to organize my closet, but today I haven’t even thought about it because I know I have it on a sticky note and that means that it will be done some time, and that’s what’s important.

Over to you: What do you use to organize your blog?


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