OOTD: Faux Fur From Monki

Hi everyone.
The time has finally come for me to show you my new faux fur jacket that I bought at Monki two weeks ago. My first OOTD post in over a month and I hope you’re all just as exited about it as I am. Okay, I know you aren’t but I’m gonna go ahead and tell you all about it anyway.

(And at least I hope you will find my new jacket a bit more interesting than me rambling about the weather for a whole post. because it’s so terrible and gray that I probably could do that. I didn’t even think we would be able to take this photos today because of the rain.)

faux fur jacket

I didn’t really care for faux fur trend when it first came. And I really thought that the jackets was to totally over do it. But like with so many other trends I eventually warmed up to it. And then even I started to kind of like it. And then I saw this jacket on Monkis site and I fell in love and realized that I just had to buy it.
But to do that I had to win over my anxiety and get my self to a Monki store. So this jacket is the biggest reason that I finally dared to go shopping, something I hadn’t done in over a year. So I won over my anxiety and I got the jacket and I’m so glad that I did because both of those things are pretty amazing.

Monki jacket

Jacket: Monki // Tights: Asos // Shoes: Old

Another thing that is pretty amazing is how warm this jacket is. Today was the first day I could wear it outside without getting to hot. So unless it gets really, really cold in a couple of months, it will probably get me through the winter.

So about the fake fur trend. Do you live it? hating it, ignoring it, feeling totally indifferent to it? Please tell me in a comment below.



  1. Reader

    You look soo gorgeous in these pictures!
    And I really like the coat you’re wearing. It looks just cosy and you choose a very pretty combination with the shoes and tights going along with it. I objected the faux fur trend for quite some time but with the weather getting colder and colder and the faux fur items to choose from becoming much more classy than they used to be I’m with you in suddenly liking that trend these days.

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