OOTD and being back in therapy

Hello my darlings.

  This day started of with a lot of tears and me being kind of a mess and not at all wanting to go and see my therapist. But somehow I (or rather Mr. A) managed to get myself together and go there anyway. And, of course, as soon as I saw her everything became just fine and all the panic inside of me went away.
  Since I hadn’t been there for over three months we talked a bit about my new meds and how they have helped me. And then we talked about blogging, how it have helped me see that my anxiety isn’t my fault and how it has also helped me to take back the control over my life. Then she asked me if blogging is something that I could make money from and I told her that even if it really takes some hard work, I think that one day I might be able to do so.
  With me doing so much better I won’t be going there as often as I did before the summer. Which feels really good because that will give me more time to work on this blog, but it also gives me a chance to take back my life on my own terms.

  And now over to todays outfit.

  This is really the second outfit from today. What I was wearing to the therapist was however not that photo worthy. So when I got home I changed into this instead. (After taking a two hour nap.)

  So over all this has been a really good day. I got things done and I still had time to dress up and blog about it. Being back in therapy feels great and I know it will get easier from now on.
Wearing: Hat and Dress/Monki, Shirt/H&M, Jewelry/H&M and mums old, Shoes/Dr. Martens

Now tell me, how has your day been?


  1. I love your hat! I just bought a similar one today (I looked at my outfit and thought… This would be better with a hat, so I got one). I've been taking a higher dose of Prozac and it seems to be helping, but I have an appointment next week where I might have to change things up a bit. I know it's hard to look at yourself from the outside and see through mental illness, but I'm sure we'll both get to the other side of the bridge and be happy for doing so. (:

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