OMG I have nothing to blog about!

Hello darlings.
Some days I have so many things that I want to blog about that I don’t know where to start and other days, like today it feels like I have nothing to blog about even though I have all these words in my fingers that need to come out. So therefore I’m using todays post to offer you all some inspiration if you, just like me, wake up one day and feel like you just don’t know what to write about. Because the thing is if you want to write you probably have something in your life worth writing about, but we all need some help to pick our brains from time to time.

I have nothing to blog about!

I have nothing to blog about! Ehh… yes you do.


Outfit Of The Day. Classic but good one. Nothing new to wear? Show us something old styled in new way. We don’t remember what you wore three months ago. I don’t even remember what I wore last week.
Ways to wear. Have an amazing pair of shoes that goes with anything? Show us three different ways to style them. What about five ways to wear a tulle skirt or three ways to wear a summer dress in the winter or ten ways of wearing a hair bow without looking like a little kid.
Hauls. We all love a good haul post you know so show us what you bought, don’t be shy. And by we I mean me because I’m a nosey one,
Tip about amazing deals. Seen some great deal lately, why not tell us about them so we can benefit from them as well. Make a list of the best deals around the internet right now.
Shopping guides. Are you a pro when it comes to internet shopping? Or maybe you know exactly where to find the best basics. Why not share your knowledge.


Your favorite lipsticks/nail polishes/makeup tricks of the season. What about favorite brands? Or all-time favorite mascara/lipstick/blush. You get what I mean right?
Makeup tutorials. Simple ones, extravagant ones, for a special occasion.
Hair tutorials. Just like above but with hair.
Is it worth the hype?
 Lately folks have been hyping over using this post shaving balm as a primer, asking themselves if it really works. Find another hype and give your views on it.  Or is there a hyped brand you haven’t tried yet but are dying to try out?


Instagram roundup, your latest or favorite photos of the season.
Bloopers. Show us some outfit photos taken in a terrible wrong angle. Or that Pinterest project that did not turn out like it should. Bonus points if you can make a post entirely made of photos photobombed by your pet.
Photo walk. Take your camera, go out for a walk and capture what you see.
One day in pictures. Document an ordinary day in your life and show us what you actually do all day.


Share something personal. A childhood memory, a time you where really happy, how you met your first/currents crush and so on.
Lists are amazing. Bloggers love making them and people love reading them. Make a list with your best blogging tips, or some great post on other topics you’ve read lately. Other lists you can make are random facts about you, the benefits of makeup, the benefits of being an only child/having siblings, a wish list or even a bucket list.
An open letter. Write an open letter to anyone. A sibling, a celebrity crush, a pair of jeans you really miss or that makeup brand you don’t want to live without. I wrote one to my anxiety some time ago.

And now I’m done rambling. Hopefully my little list can offer you some inspiration.


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