November Goals Follow Up

Hello everyone!
November have somehow come to an end, and I’m writing my second blog post for today. Didn’t really expect either of that to happen but here we are anyway. So since it’s the last of November the time has come for me to follow up on the goals I put up for my life and the blog in the beginning of the month. As usual I wrote them down and then kind of forgot all about them untill maybe a week ago, so I don’t really know if I have lived up to them or not.


Life Goal.
* Stop wasting my energy on what other people might think of me.
Yes I do think I did this. And setting up my new blogging rules for me and this blog was a big part of that. I also feel way more free in the way I dress and don’t care as much anymore about what others might think about it.

General Goals.
* Take more walks. – Yes I did get out more this month, at least in the beginning and towards the end of the month.
* Eat more fruit. – Nope, had maybe one smoothie this month.
* No sushi unless I go to the big mall again. – Kind of. Mr. A bought me sushi once, but I had deserved it.
* Accept the fact that I don’t have a lot of money.– Well not really. So fail on this one.
* Be nicer to myself. – Yes I did this. I really feel like I’ve been really nice to myself lately.

Blogging Goals.
* Start doing OOTD posts again.– I did this one, but other than that I failed.
* Doing a ‘wish list’ or ‘ways to wear’ post every Wednesday.– Yes, another thing I actually did!
* Make one ‘5 things I love’ post.– Yes and you can find it here.
* Be more active on Pinterest and get more traffic from there.– I tried but it didn’t work at all.
* Keep using Google Calendar to plan my posts.– Yes totally did this.
* Set “office hours” and keep them.– Nope failed on this one.
* Tell my self that I do good and that my blog is good enough more often.– Well at first I failed and had this huge blogging crisis, but then I got better at it.

Looking at this I can see that I actually followed through on more of my goals than I though. And that’s a good thing, but I really plan to do even better next month so that there will be no fail in my last Goals Follow Up for this year. What did you achieve this month?


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