New Computer

I could start this post of by giving you an tutorial on how to put on your sweater in eight easy steps. But it’s so simple that I will tell you about it in just one sentence instead. You just start of by turning the sweater you planing on wearing inside out, and then you just ad a bit of confusion on how this sweater thing really works.
So thats how I started of my morning. Not that diffrent from other mornings to tell you the truth. I then continued on to searching through the whole apartment to find my camera that I had put in a (not so) easy to find place.

And now over to the other stuff, the stuff that I actually planed on telling you today.
A couple of days ago I got a new computer. And I love it. My old computer was a mean one. First of all it had became a bit old, and like all old things it had became slow. And for the second, it made the sound of a lawn mower, and I don’t mean the quiet kind.
So now i finally have a computer where I can sitt down for a couple, or several, hours a day browsing pinterest, reading blogs and sipping my tea.

XOXO for now

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