My Makeup Favorites.

Hello everyone.
Do you like makeup? Well if you don’t, this post might not be of that much interest to you. But if you just like me is a fan of it, I hope you will enjoy this post. (And if you don’t like makeup but still want to read about my makeup favorites, I guess this post will be interesting to you as well.)

The thing is I really like makeup, But due to the no-money-thing I don’t have a lot of it. But I really love the pieces I do have. And in today’s post I will talk a bit about 5 of my favorites ones.

makeup favorites

I Am Juicy Couture.
I got this sample for free a couple of months ago when I ordered some makeup. It has the scent of raspberries, gardenia, rose de mai, candied amber and musk. And it smells totally lovely. It’s like the scent is a bit of to sweet, but at the same time it’s just sweet enough to make the day a bit more fab.

Eye Color-To-Go, Brownstone from H&M.
This is the newest item on this list. And to tell you the truth I’m not really sure if it belongs on it or not, since I haven’t used it that many times yet. But it has already earned a place in the every day part of my makeup bag.
It has a really nice brown color and it’s really simple to use, even I can make it look good, so I really think it will be a future makeup favorite of mine.

Prep+Prime Powder, Transparent from Mac Cosmetics.
This one alredy is a all time favorite for me, and I know I’m not alone about loving it. It’s just so amazing. I don’t know if I ever will use another powder than this one. (Okay I probably will, but not this year and probably not the nex one either.)

ugly lipsticks

Lipstick, Instigator from Mac Cosmetics.
I pretty much bought this lipstick on a whim, or asked Mr. A to buy it for me that is, one day when I got the idea that I really needed to try on this dark lipstick trend. And I’m so glad that I did. I think it looks great on me, and if you care to take a look for your self you can find the pictures here.

Mega Shield Lip Color, That’s Berry Beautiful from Wet n Wild.
This is my most versatile lipstick. When non of my other once work I can always count on this one. I probably use it at least three days a week. It’s a shade of red that suites me very well and it’s pretty of tranparent but it still stays on for hours.

Your turn. What is your all time makeup favorite?


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