My Favorite Lipsticks.

Hello everyone.
Another day, another post. And I’m kind of running out of good ways to start them. But running out of ways to start post does not mean I have run out of things to write about. And today I will tell you about my favorite lipsticks.

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Like I said before I will never be a beauty blogger. I only own one lipstick from Mac Cosmetics and I’m totally fine with that. I bought my first ever primer a couple of months ago. If I ever tried contouring I would end up looking like a Picasso. And I can go five days without washing my hair and then blog about it.

But with that being said, I’m still a girl who loves her makeup. And lipsticks, well lipsticks really are the best.

My favorite lipsticks

The first one is V’amped Up! from Nyx Cosmetics.  This one isn’t really a lipstick.  It’s meant to be used to vamp up your lipstick,  i.e. make it  darker. I love it and it’s a savior when I have already put on a lipstick and then realize that I think it’s to bright. (Yes that has happened more than once.) I also like to use it as it is to give my lips a semi transparent black color.

The second one is from Wet’n’Wild.  I don’t remember that the lipstick is called but the color is That’s Berry Beautiful. It’s the perfect shade of red for my skin, and it has SPF 15 which is great.

The third one is another one from Nyx, it’s called Extra Creamy Round Lipstick and it’s the color Castle. It has a pale purple shade and feels great on your lips, not sticky at all. While the color do look great I can’t really wear it outside right now because it tend to make my lips looks like I’m freezing.

Last one is my only one from Mac. It’s in the color Instigator and it was the first really dark lipstick I bought. I think it’s a bit hard to apply, but once it sits it sits which is great.  Like you can soon see in the photo with swatches it has a really dark purple color and if you want to see how it look on you can do that here.

My Favorite Lipsticks: Swatches.

Untitled design (12)

From the top:
Nyx Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Castle.
Wet’n’Wild in That’s Berry Beautiful.
Mac in Instigator.
Nyx V’amped Up.

I know that the photos looks kind of blue but that’s the lighting we have right now. I choose to not edit the pictures any more since that could have given the lipsticks and swatches the wrong colors.


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