Mental Health Update #3 and a OOTD.

Hello everyone.
My thought for the day was to do a OOTD post, but then after we took the photos for it I didn’t feel like blog at all today. But then after doing some crying I thought that it might be a good idea to make another mental health update to help me clear my mind a bit. And yeah after the crying I also realized that the photos isn’t really that bad so I will share some of them with you as well since I really liked today’s outfit.

Like some of you know I currently getting of my antidepressants and today was the fourth day with half of my regular dose. And trust me when I say that it’s no walk in the park being me right now. I don’t feel tired anymore which was one of the side effects I’ve had lately, nor do I have the headaches any more, but instead I feel sad like all the time. I feel sad and I cry and I feel angry with myself and I feel so useless and my self-confidence is pretty much dead.

But at the same time as I have all these bad feelings I also know that they aren’t true, I know that it’s just my depression talking and that I will get through it,  and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the next medicine I try will work out better for me.

And now something a bit more fun, clothes! Like I said my first plan for the day was to make a OOTD post, and while I don’t have a lot to say about the outfit I do have some pictures of it to show you.

a ootd 2



a ootd details

Wearing: 90s hat; Old // Dress; H&M // Sweater; Brave Soul // Tights and Socks; Old // Shoes; Dr. Martens //  Necklace; From my sister // Bag; Thrifted // Bracelet and Ring; Bought in Gothenburg some years ago.

So there you got my look of the day. Mr. A said I looked like Blossom in the hat, not that I remember a lot from the show but I choose to take it as a compliment. And I’m a blonde again, but I need to add some more bleach because there are still some dark patches in it. Don’t think that blondes have more fun though, and I plan to go pink or purple really soon becasue why stick to one color when I can change it all the time?

Bye, bye for now and until later…


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