Life And Blogging Goals, November 2015

Hello my lovelies.
It’s time for me to set, and write down, my life and blogging goals for the month. And I plan to live up to them a lot better than I did the last month. No sudden change of platform or anything like that, I hope. And even if something unforeseen would happen I doubt it would take up as much of my time as the change did.

Over to the goals now.

blogging goals november

Life Goal.
* Stop wasting my energy on what other people might think of me.
I spend way to much of my time, and energy, worrying about what others might think about me. And that’s time that I would much rather spend on this blog. I also waste a lot of energy on the choices other people make, and how the use their time. And both of those things will have to stop, now. Therefor that’s my main goal for the month.

General Goals.
* Take more walks. Yes I’m trying this one again.
* Eat more fruit.
* No sushi unless I go to the big mall again.
* Accept the fact that I don’t have a lot of money, and therefore can’t buy all the makeup I want.
* Be nicer to myself.

Blogging Goals.
* Start doing OOTD posts again.
* Doing a ‘wish list’ or ‘ways to wear’ post every Wednesday.
* Make one ‘5 things I love’ post.
* Be more active on Pinterest and get more traffic from there.
* Keep using Google Calendar to plan my posts.
* Set “office hours” and keep them.
* Tell my self that I do good and that my blog is good enough more often.

Tell me what you think about my goals. Will I be able to reach them?



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