Let’s Talk About Wardrobes

Hello everyone.
Let’s talk about wardrobes, shall we. And no not the kind that can take us to Narnia if were lucky enough. I mean our clothes. Or in this case my clothes since right now I’m the one doing the talking, or writing if you want to be like that.

I love clothes. I have always loved clothes and I have pretty much always known what kind of clothes I like. But then I got depressed. For two years. Which gave me plenty of time to lose my self. Two years where I alternated between not caring about clothes at all, thinking that being into clothes made me stupid, and thinking that I was to stupid/ugly/unemployed to deserve pretty clothes.
And then I got my meds and became me again. Except that when it came to clothes I was kind of lost and kept on wearing pretty much the same things as I had been wearing for the past two years. I bought some new things sure, but my look stayed pretty much the same.

Let's Talk About Wardrobes

But that was then, and now is now. And after clearing out a lot of the things I used to live in during my depression, and adding some more new things I’m now totally in love with my wardrobe. I came up with the idea for this post when looking at all the different fabrics in it. Lots of velvet, a bit of glitter, a little to few basics and mostly dark colors. Everything very much me. And even more important; everything very wearable and matchable.

You see I have this rule that I apply to pretty much every new piece that I add to my wardrobe. Since I still don’t have a lot of money I want everything I buy to be as wearable as possible. Therefor any new clothing item I buy have to match at least three pieces that I already have. A bit like a capsule wardrobe but with more pieces.
I don’t have a lot of the items that is said to be essential for women my age. (Women my age, what kind of expression is that anyway?) No black pants and no white shirt, not even a pair of nude heels. Becasue that’s things that I just don’t wear. So yeah, my wardrobe is doing just fine without them.

But now let’s talk about your wardrobes. What do you like about your wardrobe? Or do you even like it at all? What’s your favorite piece in it? For me I think it’s this black button-up skirt. And if you could add just one new item to it, what would it be? Please leave a comment and let me know.



  1. I love your rule about matching at least three items to a new piece – going to start applying that to my wardrobe!

    I’ve been trying to improve my wardrobe for months and I’ve found that I feel best and look most put-together in black and navy outfits – so I’ve really been upping my shoe game for a bit of a statement!

    This was a lovely read – nice to hear the story behind your current fashion pieces 🙂

    Becky xo

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