January Favorites.

Hello darlings.
I know it’s February now and all, and no one is happier than me that we are finally putting January behind us But I will make one last post about last month since I really want to show you some of my January favorites. Not a very original idea for a post, I know, but I’ve been loving these kind of posts for so long that it feels like it about time I started making my own.

January Favorites.

January Favorites (1)

Raspberry Tea from Lipton. This if anything proves what a boring person I really am. I mean having a tea as a part of a post like this must point to that at least. But this tea is like so good, best tea I’ve had in a very long time, writing about it makes me want to have another cup right now but it will have to wait untill the tomorrow.

Pink Grapefruit Body Butter from Body Shop. This product is the only thing saving my legs from itching at the moment. And the smell is just so amazing too, wearing it makes me feel just like I could be part of a fruit salad or something like that.

Lord Of Misrule from Lush. My all time favorite from Lush, the smell is just the best and I really hope that they will bring it back for next Halloween. Right now I use it for my body as well as for my hair and it works really good for my hair too.

january favorites

Nelli and Tee.  Getting these girls was probably the best decision we made all last year. They have lived with us for two months now, and they are making little progresses all the time. They are still a bit scared but we are sometimes allowed to pet Tee and soon as we start making dinner Nelli sits on the floor hoping for a treat. They are just so much fun and I love them so much that it’s crazy.

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