It’s not spending if it’s not my money, right?

Hello my darlings, I’m back from my unplanned little blogging break.
This getting of my meds thing was a bit harder than I had expected, or maybe not harder but at least more emotional than I thought it would be. (There have been quite some crying over things happening in Glee like OMG they are kissing or Oh the baby or OMG wedding. Sob, sob, sob.) Now I’m completely of the antidepressants and I feel pretty good again and it’s also like I have all these feelings that I haven’t been feeling in quite some time, and I’m also ready to get back into this blogging thing.

My dad has been to Stockholm over the easter to spend some time with me and my sister, and yesterday we went to the big mall together. I didn’t want to go at first though, because I haven’t been anywhere like that without Mr. A in almost two years time, but then I realized that I’m done being scared of my own fears and decided to go anyway. And it went fine, and we had frozen yogurt and I also bought some small things. Or dad bought them for me so I haven’t broken my spending ban, since I don’t think it can count as spending if it’s not my money that are being spent. 

spending if it's not my money

So like you can see in the picture above I only got some small stuff and all of them can be divided into one of the following categories; things I actually needed, things I’ve wanted for a long time and “oh this is pretty I can use this”. The top from Bikbok is pretty similar to one that I bought last time I went shopping, and I was actually looking for this one already back then but it hadn’t come in yet, and now I found it and it was even on sale so it feels like a real win getting it. The precision sponge and the eye shadow applicators from H&M is something I really needed since I’ve been both applying consealer and done my eye shadow with my fingers. (Though I obviously didn’t need them enough to remember to get them before my spending ban started.) And the hair bands from Tiger Stores was just so colorful and cute so I had to have them and really think that one can’t ever have to many hair bands, unless you have really short hair of course.

spending if it's not my money

And then we have these beauties. I’ve been dying to try H&M’s new nail polishes since they first came out but there have always been something that I needed more so I haven’t got around to it until now. I mean look at them, first of all the shape of the bottles are just so beautiful and then they come in wide range of amazing colors. The ones I got is called Confetti Confection, Hydrangea and Orchid Bee and I choose them because I wanted some colors that are well suited for spring and also matched my personality.

I haven’t tried them out myself yet, but my sister borrowed the lilac and pink ones when we got back from the mall and they gave a really nice result and the color looked just as great on her nails as the do in the bottles. So unless they start pealing if just from washing my hands or something like that I will probably pick up some more colors when I have some spare money, I mean at least I will need some new ones by September to match the leaves you know.

So what do you think, does it count as spending if it’s not my money and does that mean I cheated on my spending ban? Well I promise to do my best to not spend any more money, mine or others, for the remaining two months of the ban, okay?


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